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Parties, group outings or meetings

De Buffel is also available for (family) parties. It is also possible to have a lunch/or dinner or meetings on board. In consultation, parts of the ship that are normally available to museum visitors can be made available for this purpose.

Information and costs that will be charged can be obtained via the secretariat, telephone number 06-13238685. An email containing your request for information can be sent to

In the summer months, the upper deck is furnished as a terrace where visitors to the ship can enjoy numerous refreshments. In the winter the baking space is available for this.
Drinks and snacks are provided by the museum’s catering group.
For buffets, dinner or lunch we collaborate with a caterer or adjacent restaurant.


The Longroom for up to 26 people, suitable for dinner and meetings
The Longroom
The Longroom
The Pit Deck for more informal get-togethers
The Baking Room room for more informal get-togethers
The Baking Room
The Aft Deck is designed as a terrace
The Aft Deck

Examples of buffet arrangement

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