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Pirate party

Only for tough pirates

Is it your birthday? Do you have something to celebrate?

Take all your friends to the Buffel!

There you can immerse yourself in the Pirate World for at least 2.5 hours.

We first transform you into a real pirate.

We will search for treasure, catch fish, board a ship and much more.

We take a unique group photo at the commendant. To end the party, build your own pirate boat (which you can take home with you.


€ 14,-
per child
as of July 1, €15.00
per child
€ 9,-
per accompanying adults
€ 4,50
per additional meal

For tough pirates aged 5 – 8 years.

Reservations or additional information:

Sem is 8 years old.

And he came all the way from Heinenoord to celebrate with his friends at the Buffel. They have
all learned how to hunt for treasure; they were able to make whole again the sabre, which lay in pieces in the sea; and – like real tough pirates – they caught and ate fish. And so another group of certified pirates went home. Sem thought it was a ‘TOO CRAZY’ party.

On February 9, Luca came to the Buffel.

In his wake all his friends. It’s been a while, but for Luca it was an unforgettable party. They were quite impressed by the prison and the sharks in the sea. But that soon passed. What they liked best was the pirate boat that they built themselves and were allowed to take home. They are (still!) most proud of their pirate diploma. Well Luca: you deserve it!

Davi celebrated his 5th birthday at the Buffel on December 10.

As a tough pirate, he took over the entire ship, helped by his boyfriend/girlfriends D’Jay, Bente and Nia. Even the commander of the Buffalo could no longer impress them. After throwing gold blocks, eating fish and boarding a ship, they have proven themselves to be some tough ones
pirates. Davi’s own words: A great day!

On Saturday, April 23, Elise came to celebrate her birthday at the Buffel with her friends.

Elise was afraid for a moment that she would not pass the exam to become a pirate. Well! Here’s the proof!
All children can become cool pirates. It was a party you will never forget. “Next year again,” said Elise.

It was Levi’s birthday and he came to celebrate his party at the Buffel.

Transformed into a real pirate, he immediately took the lead about his crew. Brother Daniël was a very good assistant captain. They spent a few more nights dreaming about the ‘best party ever’.

Cody celebrated his birthday at the Buffalo last Saturday.

Together with his friends he has experienced exciting pirate adventures. There was good consultation during the treasure hunt. When boarding another ship they had to be very careful of the squid and sharks! They were left with only a few (painted) scars from the heroic crossing. They proudly show this in the group photo.

Mathilde recently came to celebrate her 7th birthday at the Buffel.

Together with 10 friends there was a lot of fun in the pirate cave. During one of the games, another ship was boarded and the gold stolen. Well, then there is no other option than to put everyone in prison.

On Wednesday, November 7, Declan came to celebrate his birthday at the Buffel.

After searching for treasure, catching fish, crossing rough seas, and eating chips, they all passed their Pirate diploma.

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